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Mobile Marketing


By 2014 more people will access the internet via a mobile device than a desktop PC


There is good news and there is bad news: If you have a website, then you have a website that can be accessed by any internet enabled mobile phone – GREAT! Now, the bad news : the chances are, that your site does not look great on a mobile phone. This is your user experience………..

> your site takes a long time to load
> the buttons are tiny
> your text is unreadable
> the design that you spent ££££s on is barely recognisable
> fingers have trouble navigating
> it’s not easy
> your customers just give up and shop elsewhere



 A recent survey from Compuware, concluded that 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile website experience.


Mobile web designYou are not alone if you’re concerned about this. We have been here before, history is repeating itself. Back in time, circa 1996, it took a while for companies to realise they needed a website to remain relevant to their customers and to keep ahead of their competition. It is happening again with mobile. By 2014, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Morgan Stanley.

Mid-2011, we passed another crossing point: consumers were spending more time on their mobile devices than on their PCs.

In early 2011, a survey conducted by Google Ads found that only 21% of  companies had launched a mobile website.

If you are among the  79% or so, no problem. Optimising your site for the mobile web isn’t a big deal. In fact we design beautiful, useful mobile websites that work perfectly on every mobile device …………… you will never miss a customer again.

How much business are you, potentially, missing out on? ……… that’s easy to find out by using the Google keywords tool and reviewing your Google Analytics results.

It’s not just mobile websites…….. you’ve got

all these elements can be part of your mobile marketing strategy


All these mobile marketing tools can be used to get you more customers, make you more money and stay ahead of your competition


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