SMS marketing Best Practises

SMS marketing Best Practises


Whenever you think of SMS-based, or what essentially is text message marketing, you probably think of some “spammy” text message you received upon activating a new phone. But just as there are legitimate ways to pursue email marketing, SMS marketing can be used in a variety of ways to creatively build your brand, and improve your overall sales traffic. While there are plenty of sites dedicated to “guaranteeing” results, there is no email or SMS marketing software that will replace solid market research, good writing and/or creativity. Here are a few ways to help you and your company maintain credibility, while reaching the largest audience possible through tried and true text message marketing techniques.

Know Your Audience

As with any magazine, blog or other publishing medium, effective SMS marketing requires that you know who your readers are. This is where effective market research comes in. This requires that you know your brand extensively. Do you know who buys your product, or visits your website? What kind of text messaging plans do your readers use? Do you know what their texting habits are? Do you have any data pertaining if these users have purchased a product or service via an SMS message? These are all crucial questions to answer when developing your text messaging marketing strategy.

Write Succinctly

Whatever your write, keep it short and sweet. The whole point of receiving a text message is to get the most valuable information in the shortest amount of time possible. Long, verbose sentences will immediately turn off the average cell phone user. Not only that, but if you consistently provide long and irrelevant sentences, your readers are likely to block you from sending messages. As with any type of marketing writing, succinct and relevant content is the best way to build trust with your audience.

Write Headlines

Think of your text messages as newspaper headlines. In the age of newspapers, headlines had to be succinct and attention-grabbing. This was largely because there was a very limited amount of space on the page. It’s the same thing with SMS messages. You have a very short amount of space to deliver your marketing message. Be economical with the space, but also deliver a message that immediately grabs your reader’s attention.

Don’t Belittle Your Readers

So, we’ve established that the goal is succinct and interesting SMS content. Beware of being too succinct and too flashy that you forget to make your content readable. Too many SMS content marketers forget that their readers are not in fact cavemen. Avoid messages like, “Shoe Sale 2Day.” It’s OK, and very doable to write short, attention-grabbing and grammatically correct SMS messages to your customer base.


Finally, not everyone is a gifted content writer. Trained SMS content writers can develop an SMS campaign for you quickly and effectively. If you have the resources, outsource your SMS marketing campaign to an experience web copywriter. Avoid simply your outsourcing SMS campaign to an automated software application. These applications can be helpful for initial content development, but effective campaigns will benefit greatly from a trained professional.


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