Mobile apps

Business Apps


There are ‘two’ types of business apps that you can use to promote your business – ‘native’ apps and html5 [or web apps].

What is the difference?

Native Apps – the ‘app’ is essentially hosted on the mobile device – smartphone or tablet. The apps are downloaded from an ‘app store’ i.e. iTunes or an Android store. You may be wondering exactly what iTunes and the Andriod store is? Like computers smartphones and tablets have operating systems and in the mobile World there are two operating systems ‘Apple’s IOS system’ and ‘Andriod’, so in exactly the same way Windows programmes won’t always work on Macs – Apple apps won’t work on Andriod devices and visa versa.

App types/sizes – there are 3 types: 2 for smartphones and 1 for Ipads.

html5 [or web apps]These are mobile websites that have ‘short cuts’ which are hosted on smartphones.

Advantages/Disadvantages: Web apps are cheaper to develop because they are not so intricate and don’t have to be hosted in the Itunes store or Android shop and are ideal if you have a limited number of potential subscribers/app users.

We design great mobile apps that run on smartphones and other mobile devices [tablets]

Great for

  • Takeaway food shops – an app can be developed so that your customers can pre-order food.
  • Hotels – a web app can be developed so that you ‘guests’ can be updated regarding special offers/deals.
  • Car Hire
  • Tour Guides
  • Exhibitions
  • Retailers – special offers apps
  • Zoos – host your zoo guide on an app
  • Walking guides –
  • Dentists
  • Bands – update your fans with the latest news about your ‘gigs’
  • Brides……… wedding photos – album app