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Mobile marketing strategy: Mobile PPC

Google explain the importance of mobile advertising for local business


Mobile marketing PPC [pay per click] is very similar to PPC on the desktop web except that it is in a different environment:

However there are key differences:

Google sponsored adverts :

Desktop Google search: the sponsored adverts appear at the top and on the right hand side of the screen

Mobile Google search: the sponsored adverts appear at the top and bottom of each screen

The search results can vary i.e. if you put the same search word or phrase into Google you will get a different result on your desktop compared to your mobile device.

Mobile PPC can be highly targeted by phone network, phone type user demographics, geolocation and connection types [wi-fi or 3g].  Mobile ‘searches’ are often highly motivated to buy as they are searching for an immediate result!

Advertising networks

There are a number of different mobile marketing advertising networks and they can be defined in three class types: Blind, Premium Blind and Premium.

Blind: These networks are not website or content specific

Premium Blind: With these networks adverts can be targeted to appear on website portal sites. Higher quality more focused traffic.

Premium: These networks focused on a limited number of big name publishers so you can targeted very specific websites to feature your advert.

Embedding Ads Within App:


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