How QR Codes Can be Used

How QR Codes Can be Used in Your Business

Quick Response (QR) codes are those weird-looking black and white symbols that seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays. Their basic designs are similar to bar codes only that they have the capacity to hold a lot more information. Let us look at how small business can benefit from these codes.

Quick Response codes are created for the mobile phone world. They are meant to be scanned using smartphones with on board cameras. The only other thing your customer needs is a QR reader, which is easy to download and is usually free.

The market has a large number of QR reader applications; especially for common mobile phone models. Most of these readers are free of cost and are readily available on the internet.

Why QR codes?
The reason QR codes are gaining massive popularity so fast is because of the fact that they can be used to do a number of things. A simple scan can lead a customer to a business’s website and any other digital destination. This is all determined by the information embedded in the code by the business.

Some of the more common uses of QR codes include links to:

  • Email and websites
  • Promotions, coupons and special offers
  • Event details
  • Product descriptions
  • Contact details
  • Mobile websites and social sites

Now that you know what Quick Response codes can do, you need to understand where to use them. You should choose a method that will ensure a lot of people see and use them to access the information you want them to have.

Some of the places your customers will easily see them include:

  • Stickers
  • Nametags
  • T-shirts
  • Product tags
  • Brochures, catalogs and fliers
  • Business cards

How to create QR codes
There are a lot of websites that allow business owner to create quick response codes free of cost. All you have to do is search for “free QR code generator” and you will have a wide range to choose from.

However, you may want to consult with a professional Mobile Marketing specialist to assist you in generating the best QR codes for your business.

Getting Repeat Customers

Getting Repeat  Local Customers

Getting Repeat Local Customers with Text Message Marketing

The secret to success for just about any business is having happy, satisfied customers who will keep the sales flowing. However, if your customers are not impressed by the services or products you offer, they will move on to your competitor without a second thought.

Small businesses, unlike the large corporations, have a limited numbers of customers, so they have to work harder to keep them coming back. SMS Text Message marketing is a simple, yet effective method to help you do just that.

Text messaging marketing is viewed by some as just a way to generate quick sales, which is a huge misconception.  The main reason small businesses should use this type of marketing is not only to get instant sales from it; it should also be used as a means to keep customers engaged, updated, and informed in a way that makes them want to do business with you over and over again.

All you need to in order to get your campaign rolling is your customers’ mobile phone numbers. SMS (Short Message Services) services allow you to send a single message to multiple recipients at a very low cost; boosting your ROI through the roof.

This strategy is an indirect way to takes your sales to a different level.

Small-scale businesses mostly offer their services and goods to people living in their local area and text messaging is a very effective way of reaching out to them.

Text Message marketing is affordable, which makes it a prime choice if you’re trying to generate repeat customers.   Not only that, but you can easily fully customise all of your Text Message marketing campaigns to suit your particular business needs.

In case you haven’t noticed, large businesses are doing it. So this is an indication of just how powerful this form of marketing can be for your small local business.

Text Message Campaigns

Text Message Campaigns

Finding a Balance for Your Text Message Campaigns

Text messaging has spread like wildfire since it was introduced several years ago. Small businesses are utilising this strategy to reach out to a wider audience while significantly cutting their marketing costs.

Printed materials such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, and magazines are losing their grip and the public has shifted most of their attention to mobile phones.

Due to the digital mobile explosion, both large and small businesses have started to take notice of how Text Message marketing can help them reach out to local consumers.

However, it is very important that you understand the difference between “desired” text messages and “spam.” The best way to avoid the former is to allow your customers to opt-in to your mobile list. This will assure you that they really want to receive the updates you plan to send out.

It is pretty easy to acquire an opt-in list when you do everything right. You can get a lot of customers to sign up simply by offering incentives. To fuel your opt-in rates, advertise your Text Marketing campaign on your website and any other promotional materials.

Once you have a list started, you can start sending messages with special discount offers, contests, prizes, and anything else to keep them interested.   

However, although they opt-in to your list, you should still limit the number of messages you send out. 

Depending on your type of business, carefully plan campaigns to ensure that you respect your list. If you start sending out too many messages, you will realise that the number of customers reading them will decrease pretty quickly.  So it is crucial to find the perfect balance that works for your business and your customers.

In short, a winning campaign typically consists of lower frequency and interesting content. This will keep your audience engaged and looking forward to hearing from your business and what you have to offer.