Case Study: Shelly’s restaurant

Case Study: Shelly’s restaurant

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Award winning restaurant Shelly’s, based in the Northwest region of Warrington wanted to increase breakfast, lunch and dinner bookings.

Achieving business objectives:

  • Targeted communications: Shelly’s used SMS to text their list of opt-in customers with special offers and sales promotions.
  • Increase bookings: Due to its powerful viral capabilities, new bookings often come from friends and family who have been forwarded the SMS text.
  • Cost-effective marketing: After spending large amounts on various advertising campaigns via press and radio, SMS has been the most cost-effective method


• Within 5 hours of sending a promotional offer via SMS to their database of opt-in contacts they had received more than £400 worth of bookings
• Sales return of 14 times the initial investment. Campaign cost £28.00

Do you run a Restaurant? use SMS for…..

Use sms marketing for Sales promotions : Send text promotions to drive business growth and to increase trade on habitually quiet days. For example, a restaurant could offer a free bottle of house wine with a meal for two on a midweek evening or an early bird meal discount.

Booking confirmations: SMS marketing provides a costeffective  way to ensure the smooth running of the booking process. It’s  also cheaper and quicker than a phone call.

News & events: Generate interest in special events or use ‘last chance’ messages to make sure final places are filled.

Customer service: Restaurants can send a thank you text to customers who have visited the restaurant. Further communication could be made at a  later date to retain the relationship.

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